Join visionary companies from The Climate Pledge Fund portfolio as they develop products and services that reduce carbon emissions and help preserve the natural world

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Manufacturer of high-efficiency solar PV cells optimized for indoor lighting conditions.
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Amogy is a VC-backed start-up, located in Brooklyn, New York, and is working on a novel carbon-free energy system using ammonia as a fuel. The innovative solution enables the decarbonization of ground/sea/air transportations, accelerating our journey towards the Net Zero Economy.
BETA Technologies is creating an electric transportation ecosystem that’s safe, reliable and sustainable. A relentlessly focused team is building an extensive charging infrastructure and ALIA, the world’s most technologically advanced electric vertical aircraft (EVA). BETA’s platform and products are strikingly simple. Prioritization of safety and a pragmatic approach to certification drive elegant redundancy, appropriate diversity of implementation and simplicity of control. ALIA’s fixed-pitch propellers and centrally located batteries make it an inherently stable aircraft that is safe to fly and easy to maneuver.
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Brimstone is a developer of a novel process intended to produce carbon-negative Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials. The company provides a cost-effective process for converting waste sulfur into green hydrogen and sulfuric acid, enabling users to replace conventional processes with a cost-effective and clean electrochemical system.
CarbonCure manufactures a carbon dioxide (CO₂) utilization technology that introduces captured CO₂ into fresh concrete to reduce its carbon footprint. Once injected, the CO₂ undergoes a mineralization process and becomes permanently embedded. This results in economic and climate benefits for concrete producers—truly a win-win. CarbonCure’s innovative carbon removal technology is a direct way to reduce embodied carbon, or the carbon footprint of the manufacturing and transportation of building materials. The technology is retrofitted into concrete plants without disrupting operations and seamlessly integrates with existing batching processes. With CarbonCure, architects, engineers, contractors, developers and building owners have an easy way to reduce embodied carbon without making compromises. Building with concrete made with CarbonCure reduces CO₂ by an average of 15 kilograms per cubic metre (25 pounds per cubic yard).
Hippo Harvest is a CEA startup developing greenhouse systems that are cost competitive with fields. We use passive hydroponic methods, robotics, and machine learning as tools to keep capex low, increase productivity, and achieve faster learning cycles relative to today's CEA methods. We aim to transition fresh produce to a more sustainable future.
Infinium offers an industry leading, commercial ready electrofuels solution that can decarbonize the transportation industry today using existing infrastructure. Produced using renewable power and CO2 emissions, Infinium’s Electrofuels™ can be used by existing truck, plane and ship fleets, enabling immediate decarbonization of the transportation sector. Electrofuels are exactly what they sound like: fuels made from electricity instead of oil. Infinium facilities utilize low-cost renewable energy sources and prevent excess clean energy from going to waste. Using CO2 and green hydrogen (produced through renewable powered electrolysis) as feedstocks, its facilities remove CO2 from industrial emissions and provide a ready use for growing hydrogen production.
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Our planet is going through a fundamental shift away from fossil fuels. ION Energy's mission is to accelerate this shift by building cutting-edge energy storage products and services. Founded by a team of Ph.D. Engineers from Stanford, Penn State and IIT with decades of experience in advanced electronics and battery systems, our groundbreaking patented technology acts as the core of high-performance applications like Electric Vehicles, Telecom Towers, Datacenters & More. Our cutting-edge BMS capabilities bundled with proprietary software & cloud analytics platforms drastically improves battery performance & enables real-time fleet management.
Say hello to next generation temporary power. Our products exceed the performance of diesel generators without the noise, toxic emissions or costly fuel consumption. Never worry about running out of power with our automated swapping services.
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Pachama uses AI and remote sensing to verify and monitor carbon capture by forests to help finance conservation and reforestation.
Redwood Materials is an advanced technology and process development for materials recycling, re-manufacturing, and reuse. Humanity has made great leaps forward in sustainable energy generation and transportation. We have invented and proliferated electronic devices to every corner of the globe and lifted billions of people out of poverty and into the information age. As these trends grow and mature, Redwood is planning ahead to address the problems and opportunities coming when millions of EV’s batteries need an end of life solution and when the electronics piled up in your drawers at home find a new life.
Developer and operator of EV charging stations designed for commercial and fleet operations. The company's line of ultra-compact EV charging depots connects directly to the existing distribution, enabling clients to ensure efficiency and cost-minimization without the need for disruptive site construction.